The municipality of Scicli extends over a vast plain within three quarries (Modica, Santa Maria La Nova and San Bartolomeo). It has very ancient origins, probably dating back to over three thousand years ago. The ancient city stood on the hill of St. Matthew, where you can still find the remains of the Castle of the Three Cantons and the area of ​​Chiafura.
The presence of quarries and caves has encouraged the emergence of numerous rock dwellings. In addition to the prehistoric cave of Major, of particular interest are the settlements of the late Byzantine and Castellaccio Chiafura.

The city was colonized by the Greeks and Romans, which was followed by the Arabs.
Following the victory over the Saracens Ruggero d'Altavilla, in 1061, began the conquest of Sicily by the hand of the Catholic forces that led, in 1091, the liberation of Scicli by the Saracens. It is said in this regard, the miracle that brought Madonna Horse, Madonna of the Militia said later, to help the people to defeat the Saracens. In the locality of the event was built the church of Our Lady of Milici and the battle is, so far, recorded with the Feast of the Militia, one of the main attractions of folk Scicli.

After the domination of the Swabians and the Angevins later, which led to the famous revolt of the Sicilian Vespers, the Aragon was born in the County of Modica and Scicli was part of this estate. The plague of 1626 forced him to move downstream sciclitani abandoning the Colle di San Matteo. Following the earthquake of 1693, the town of Scicli was rebuilt in baroque style. The eighteenth-century monuments of high historical and artistic value, have been recognized as World Heritage.

Monuments of interest

  • Beneventano Palace
  • San Matteo Church
  • Fava Palace
  • Spadaro Palace
  • San Bartolomeo Apostolo Church
  • Sant'Ignazio Church
  • Santa Maria La Nova Church
  • Rosario Convent
  • Carmine Convent and Carmine Church
  • Maria SS della Consolazione Church
  • Crucifix Convent
  • St. Joseph Church
  • Cappuccini Convent
  • Santa Teresa Church
  • San Michele Church
  • St. John Evangelist Church

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